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Argania - La Maison de l'Arganier

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Spring Is Back

Argania - La Maison de l'ArganierSpring is back and so are our healthy food choices with of course a few drops of our Argan Oil, what else…

Gastronomic, cosmetic and therapeutic Argan Oil

You know that the fruit of the argan tree is rich in fat and produces a dietary food oil used both in cooking and for cosmetic or pharmaceutical purposes.
But did you know that Argan oil is a cure for many ailments?
It enhances antioxidant activities both in terms of cardiovascular use in food and in terms of aesthetics by maintaining skin hydration. The use of this oil against dermatological problems such as acne, chickenpox, burns or dermatoses has been noted. It is also used to prevent stretch marks in pregnant women. Argan oil delays the aging of the skin, the women use it in application on the body to protect themselves from the harmful and aging effects of the sun. It is today, largely integrated in many cosmetic products.
Argan oil is also used in the culinary arts and appears to have various medicinal properties (for example, by lowering cholesterol levels or improving blood circulation). Confirmed by recent scientific studies, other properties justify its use for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

(Sources : Phytothérapie (2009) 7: 157–160 Notes ethnobotanique et phytopharmacologique d’Argania spinosa L. H. Rammal, J. Bouayed, C. Younos, R. Soulimani)

The Color of The World

Argania - La Maison de l'ArganierGreen is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises. Enjoy the little things, and add some of our Virgin Hemp Seeds Oil!

Extreme Pleasure

Argania - La Maison de l'ArganierFarm Guinea hen with our Argan juice! Let’s dare the extreme pleasure & more….

By Alain Solivérès
Argania - La Maison de l'Arganier
Alain Solivérès Recipe
Tomato and Chili

Argania - La Maison de l'ArganierOur Tomato Seeds Oil & Chili Seeds Oil add colour to our life

Master Pierre Gagnaire

Argania - La Maison de l'ArganierThe gastronomic genesis of Argan oil. Book 1
Did you know?
Argania – La Maison de l’Arganier – Paris has revealed and written for twenty years the gastronomic history of Argan Oil.
The Master Pierre Gagnaire was the first to have met our product, faithful among the faithful, always delighted by the discoveries that we offer him.

« Fines aiguillettes de canard Pékin à la fleur de sel, raisins frais semi-séchés liés de lie de vin, petit pâté traditionnel, suc de carotte à l’huile vierge d’Argan »

Tomato Seeds Oil

Argania - La Maison de l'ArganierOur Tomato Seeds Oil surrounded by freshness